Midwest Consultants in Forensic Psychology, LLC (MWCFP), was founded and is directed by Dr. Daniel J. Burbach, a board certified clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in forensic psychology.  He has been recognized as an expert by the Court in several different states in both civil and criminal proceedings.  He has consulted to attorneys on all phases of litigation and has functioned in various capacities as a Court appointed expert.  He has comparable amounts of case experience with plaintiffs and defendants. His approach to each case is thorough, timely, empirically-based, and readily defensible from psychological and legal standpoints.  He adheres to the most rigorous of professional and ethical standards.

As part of his forensic practice, Dr. Burbach also conducts pre-employment evaluations of potential employees as well as evaluations of incumbent employees for purposes of performance enhancement, promotion, and fitness for duty.  He is also experienced in the evaluation of individuals in high-risk occupations, including law enforcement, corrections, and security personnel; firefighters; airline pilots; and nuclear plant employees.  His expertise also extends to the evaluation of impaired professional in the medical, dental, and legal professions.

A final aspect of Dr. Burbach's forensic practice involves workman's compensation and disability determinations.  He also provides independent medical examinations (IME) when second opinions are required by interested third parties.